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Pentru mai multe detalii vizitati pagina noastra de facebook, sectiunea evenimente.

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These activities can be organized on request and in collaboration with our specialized partners.

Hiking in Nature

Mountain trips

It is organized on request or you can choose from the offer of our collaborators who organize various mountain events in the area. These will be updated and published on our website.

Why us?


           Intre Cascade (Between Cascades) combines elements of modernity, comfort in the middle of nature and offers personalized service for an unforgettable stay.

         Situated close to the Bedeleu Massif and the Scarita Belioara Nature Reserve, in the area of Sipote Waterfalls, the Ponor Waterfalls, close to Papara's Huda (Huda lui Papara) Cave and the Kite Gate  (Poarta zmeilor), our location offers you an unforgettable experience, whether it is a relaxing, business or active holiday in the middle of nature.

           We offer you 4 holiday cottages, each with an area of 50 sqm, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, interior staircase and terrace, perfect for families with children. The generous inner courtyard offers a place for the whole family to play and relax where together they can enjoy sports and recreational activities. The common dining room has a capacity of 16 seats, a place to prepare food, a terrace and toilets.

     We also offer traditional breakfast with traditional Romanian products obtained from local producers. 

            On location there is generous parking and free Wi-Fi.

Why Intre Cascade ?


           I don't think there is another village like Brazesti, which is geographically delimited by two steep and wild valleys with numerous waterfalls, unfortunately not very popularized and known.

            At the eastern entrance of the village is the Danila Valley (Valea lui Danila), with 2 dykes and 3 waterfalls, one of which is very spectacular, about 20 meters high. At the western exit is the Valley of the Mills (Valea Morilor) where tourists can enjoy the coolness of the forest and admire the beauty of the waterfall.

           At least 5 mills used to operate in this valley, hence the current name. The name Danila's Valley comes, as the stories say, from a blacksmith who came from elsewhere and settled here, dealing with the shoeing of oxen for the households in the area.


Impressions of local attractions

Vanatarile Ponorului

"It is a complex reservation, perhaps the only form of relief of this kind in Romania."

speleologist Viorel Ludușan 

Scarita Belioara

is a geo-botanical reservation from the massif  Muntele Mare , with high mountain peaks, in the form of towers (Colțul Bleantului, Piatra Belii, Vârful Negrilii) and with numerous caves (Coșul Boului, Pestera fara fund, Pestera Rosie, Pestera lunga, Pestera Calugarului, Pestera lui Filip, Pestrea Coltului Rotund, etc.).

Huda lui Papara Cave

is the cave in the Trascaului Mountains that accumulates all the superlatives: the longest, the most uneven, the most difficult, the largest hall, with the highest gallery, with the longest underground course, with the highest flow, with the largest waterfall, with the largest colony of bats in Europe.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-10 at 17.19.27.jpeg

"Not all those who wander are lost."

JRR Tolkien


Brazesti, str. Principala no. 95, Alba, Romania | 0040-756-934-755

Thank you!

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