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Tourist facilities and objectives 

           Our location is in a quiet area on the edge of the picturesque village of Brazesti, on the Aries Valley, surrounded by rolling wooded hills, waterfalls and wild cascades. 

         The area benefits from a special microclimate with mild temperatures all year round.  Extremely easy access to the E75 Turda Câmpeni national road, the multitude of nearby tourist attractions, on the one hand, but also the generous courtyard space and spacious rooms, comfortable terraces, safe playgrounds for children, on the other hand, are the prerequisites for a memorable holiday.

           Our guests can relax in the garden, in the sun, on the terrace or in the cool forest that borders the property. From the garden you can easily reach the mountain pass that crosses the valley and hike to the impressive waterfall about 200 metres away. 

         Possible sporting activities are hiking, fishing (in the mountains or in the waters of the Aries), mountain biking, rafting, football, badminton or volleyball in the courtyard. In the area you can also go on snowmobile rides in the Apuseni and visit the completely renovated and modernised beach in Baia de Aries.

            In the evening, a campfire can be organised accompanied by mountain songs on the guitar.

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